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WASTED! at The Rigger is back! Bringing the fun with DJ Andyman in a Rock / Metal/Alternative/Indie style!
Full of great entertainment, lots of fun games, and wicked prizes, it's a great night to be hand by all!
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Projecting your favourite music videos while you have a wee little dance to your favourite songs.
Rock and alternative party vibes, big screen music video projection for fun and frivolity, plus pizza and shots! With everyone's favourite Butters. 




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Andyman has wealth of experience in DJing predominantly ‘rock’ music spanning over 30years. Anyone who has experienced his full all nighter sets know to expect many more styles chucked in the mix way beyond just ‘rock’. Throughout that time he has a vast array of genres to pick from and mould them into the party soundtrack we’ve come to love. Having worked numerous amounts of venues both locally & further afield, including the mighty Rock City in Nottingham, he says his spiritual home is here at The Rigger. When asked how he would best describe his style, he said ‘alternative party anthems’. He loves music as an entity not individual genres as the same themes are present across all genres just presented in different ways- no different to paintings in an art gallery & which style you prefer doesn’t make it right or wrong. He also appears to have a talent for not just technical ability but for visually comical air drumming!



DJ Dan Peach is no stranger to the Stoke music scene, having DJ'd in The Rigger, and various other local venues for many years. Dan specialises in both contemporary and classic Metal, Hard Rock, Goth, Punk, and Grunge. His all-time favourite bands are Kiss, Judas Priest, Ghost, The Misfits, The Cult, The Wildhearts, Therapy? The Sisters Of Mercy, and Danzig. 


Dan is also a published musician, having currently played on ten studio albums. He has also toured across Europe several times. Dan keeps his finger on the pulse of the music scene via his music blog 


Twitter: @MrPeachLBD 

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New Covid-19 Requirements statement

The following statement sets out the measures that have been put in place to meet the requirements of carrying out mandatory COVID-19 status checks. Upon entry all customers attending club / late night events will be asked to show either proof of vaccination (via the NHS Covid Pass) or proof of a negative lateral flow of PCR test taken within the last 48 hours (email confirmation). Under the new mandatory requirements, anyone who cannot provide suitable proof of either of the above will be refused entry to the premises.


In addition to this the following precautions have been put in place to ensure the safety of everyone on the premises: 

  • Various touchpoints around the venue are cleaned on a 30-minute rotation. 

  • All customers have their temperature checked and are asked a series of safety questions before entering the premises. 

  • All areas of the venue will be ventilated for 10 minutes every hour. 

  • All staff will wear personal sanitiser and are reminded to regularly sanitise hands between orders and after touching communal objects (door handles etc). 

  • All staff will wear various PPE where possible. 

  • All staff provide a negative lateral flow before attending work. 

  • Smoke machines will not be used. 

  • Where possible volumes of live performances and DJ’s will be lowered.



The wearing of face masks is not mandatory but is recommended. Should you require a disposable face covering they are available free of charge by requesting them from the door person. If you have any queries relating to health & safety on the premises, please do not hesitate to contact us at: