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The Rigger is not only a home to live music, we also aim to host and support creative events of all kinds!

From cabaret to art exhibitions, our unique, warm & welcoming venue can be utilised in a number of different ways. We are open to new ideas and creative collaborations with creatives in our local area. Our stage area has plenty of room for people to stand or sit to enjoy the show, with in house sound and lighting! As an art space, we endeavour to promote local creatives, host exciting & innovative events and make your audience feel at home! 

Arts space & performing arts

upcoming art events

Artwork 1 (Green eye): Liz Ankers 

Artwork 2 & 3 (Brown paper and text): Meg Kettle 

Artwork 4 (Painted grayscale eye): Lorna Lakin*** 

Artwork 5: Eve Travis

The Rigger is hosting its first ever art exhibition! We will be showcasing an array of work by incredible local artists. It is such an exciting endeavour to curate an exhibition outside of the typical "white cube" that is a standard gallery space, we hope to blend our atmosphere and energy with a new and innovative art-viewing experience. Guests will arrive for their time slot and take their time enjoying the exhibition before being shown to their tables to order drinks and enjoy the rest of their evening!


Over the course of the last year, artists have had limited opportunities to exhibit work to the public. We have chosen to support creatives by allowing them to utilise our unique, interesting and welcoming space to create invigorating experiences for our customers! This will be the first of many events like this and we are excited to hear your thoughts on the exhibition! 

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Sat 19th - Sun 20th June 2021